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April '18 Bokksu: Blossoming Spring 春爛漫

April 2018 Blossoming Spring Bokksu

Spring is in the air! It's time for hanami (cherry blossom viewing), fruit picking, and fresh starts. Sakura trees only flower for a few short weeks, so Japanese people love to partake in hanami by going outside and enjoying good food and friends under the cherry blossoms. Since Japanese snacks are known for their seasonality, we’ve curated this month's selection to highlight classic Spring flavors like sakura, strawberry, and Japanese plum, which would be right at home at any hanami party. So grab a blanket and enjoy Blossoming Spring with Bokksu!

What's inside this box?

Sakura Rusk
- +
Harajuku Baked Chocolate: Strawberry
- +
Sakura Chocolate Crepe
- +
Hand-baked Butter Senbei
- +
Koikeya Minit's Stick Potato: Suppa Mucho Plum (6 Bags)
- +
Pocky Double Strawberry
- +