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April '17 Bokksu: Gluttonous Osaka 食い倒れの街大阪

April'17 Bokksu Cover

Known for its colorful dialect and fun-loving people, Osaka is located in the heart of the Kansai region and is the third largest city in Japan. Steeped in culture from its past as an ancient capital of Japan, Osaka is also the birthplace of Kabuki (classical dance-drama theater), Bunraku (traditional puppet theater), and many of the top Japanese comedians today! But most importantly, Osaka has an incredibly robust food culture and is widely regarded as the gourmet capital of Japan. In fact, the love for food in Osaka is so strong that the city is sometimes referred to as Kuidaorenomachi (食い倒れの街, the city where you eat until you drop). This month, to give you a taste of this gluttonous lifestyle, we've curated a vibrant assortment of mouthwatering snacks only found in Osaka.

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Takoyaki Tei Corn Puffs (1 Piece)
$1.00 $2.00
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