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August '17 Bokksu: Cool for the Summer 夕涼み

August 2017 Cool for the Summer Bokksu

Summer in Japan means matsuri (festivals) and fireworks on the beach, but it also comes with unbearably hot, humid days. Yusuzumi (夕涼み) is a Japanese ritual practiced during summertime evenings to help cool down. The traditional method is to go outside in the early evening after the heat has subsided and sit on an engawa (traditional Japanese porch) in a breezy yukata (cotton kimono) while fanning oneself with an uchiwa (paper fan). Other methods include taking early evening baths or drinking a cold glass of sencha (green tea). To help you practice yusuzumi this summer, we selected Japanese snacks best enjoyed chilled that will reinvigorate you after a long, hot day. This month's assortment will satisfy your snack cravings and will keep you "Cool for the Summer"!

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Edamame Senbei (1 Piece)
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Satsumarche Mizudashicha Tea
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