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August '18 Bokksu: Summer Festival

August 2018 Summer Festival Bokksu

With origins in worshipping the gods, matsuri have become a time for celebrating family, friends, and tradition. Most festivals are hosted by local shrines and pay tribute to a variety of seasonal holidays. Natsu matsuri (summer festival) in particular is known to kids for being a time to catch goldfish with a rice paper net and play booth games like ring toss, to many others it is known as a time to don your prettiest yukata (summer kimono) and enjoy the fireworks going off in the night sky while munching on classic festival faves like takoyaki (fried octopus balls) and taiyaki (crispy fish-shaped cake filled with red bean paste)! While we might not necessarily be able to bring you to a natsu matsuri, we have curated some of our favorite festival-themed snacks to bring the matsuri to you and let you experience the most exciting time of the year with our August Bokksu: Summer Festival!

What's inside this box?

Goldfish Apple Yokan
- +
Handmade Apple Candy
- +
Honey Castella Cake
$0.00 $3.00
- +
Piccolo Dolce Strawberry and Yogurt Flavor
- +
Dondon Yaki (15 Packs)
- +
Iced Green Tea Powder
- +
Chocolate Banana Langue De Chat Cookie (1 Piece)
- +