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January '19 Bokksu: Golden New Year


January 2019 Golden New Year Bokksu

Happy New Year! The New Year in Japan is an exciting time of the year meant to celebrate rebirth, spiritual cleansing, and, of course, food! Oshougatsu (Japanese New Year) is a festival with customs that include heavily cleaning the home and hatsumode (visiting the local Shinto shrines to pray for family health and happiness). Most important in oshougatsu the osechi-ryori (New Year's Meal) where you can expect to find a beautifully-plated, lacquered bento box full of 2-3 layers of fresh fish, rice, and soybeans. This winter, we've even had the pleasure of custom-creating a limited edition Bokksu Bento Box to ring in the New Year! While many in Japan make their own osechi-ryori by hand, we've done the work for you by curating a box celebrating the best flavors iconic to the meal and snacks that shimmer with gold! Kick off the New Year in style this January with our Golden New Year Bokksu!

What's inside this box?

Pure Gyokuro Tea
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