March '19 Bokksu: Spring Picnic


March 2019 Spring Picnic Bokksu

Winter is coming to a close in Japan, which means the ice sculptures are melting in Sapporo, the snow monkeys in Nagano Prefecture are no longer bathing in onsen (hot springs) every day, and Japanese residents are putting away their kotatsu (low heated tables covered in quilts). This seasonal transition also means that now's the time for us to prepare you for one of the most beautiful times in Japan with a good old-fashioned Japanese picnic!

We've curated this month's Bokksu to highlight fresh spring flavors from all over the country including fragrant 20th Century Asian Pears from Tottori, umami-rich uni (sea urchin) from Kumamoto, gourmet shrimp from Niigata, and organic strawberries from Nagano to fill your picnic basket! Grab your Bokksu and a blanket on a warm afternoon to enjoy these freshly bloomed flavors outside in the crisp air.

What's inside this box?

White Strawberry (12 Pieces)


- +
Sapporo Chokoro Strawberry


- +
Mogumogu Cranberry Chocolate


- +
Koikeya Minit's Stick Potato: Honey Butter


- +
Kuromame Black Bean Tea


- +
Alfort Mini Chocolate Premium: Rich Strawberry


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