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May '17 Bokksu: Fan Favorites 皆のお気に入り

May 2017 Bokksu: Fan Favorites

Bokksu is celebrating its first birthday, and it's all thanks to passionate Bokksu Members like you! We're honored to have taken you on gourmet journeys to historical Kyushu, artisanal Kyoto, beautiful Hokkaido, and more. We've also increased the variety of snacks each month, upgraded our custom-designed box, and expanded our membership to over 20 countries around the world. Throughout this adventure, we've discovered that there are some snacks that appeal to certain palates but there are also some snacks that receive rave reviews across the board. By popular demand, we've curated this month's "Fan Favorites" box to include the 8 most beloved snacks and teas from this past year. Happy snacking!

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Jaga Pokkuru (10 Bags)
- +
White Black Thunder (16 Pieces)
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