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November '17 Bokksu: Tea Time ティータイム

November 2017 Tea Time Bokksu

Tea is essential to the Japanese culinary experience and dates back to the 9th century when the first known references to tea were made in Japanese records. Since the first tea seeds were brought over from China, tea culture in Japan has evolved and flourished. From enjoying matcha tea during Japanese Tea Ceremony to sipping on black tea during British Afternoon Tea, Japan has harmonized tea and tea flavors into both traditional and modern gourmet experiences. This month, to help immerse you in the diverse tea culture of Japan, we've curated tasty snacks that are infused with tea flavors or pair exceptionally well with a soothing cup of tea.

What's inside this box?

Natural Yeast Bread: Coffee (1 Piece)
- +
Kocha Black Tea Donut
- +
Salt and Camembert Cheese Cookie
- +
Izu Guricha Crunch (21 Pieces)
- +
Hojicha Langue De Chat
- +