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October '17 Bokksu: Fall Harvest 秋の収穫

October 2017 Fall Harvest Bokksu

The most anticipated season of the year in Japan is finally here: Fall! Each fall, people in Japan celebrate the Harvest Moon through Otsukimi (お月見), or literally translated, "autumn moon viewing". This Japanese tradition happens in September or October (depending on the traditional Japanese lunar calendar) and dates back to the Heian Period. During Otsukimi, people gather and offer seasonal treats to the moon such as sweet potatoes, chestnuts, and beans. Many Mid-Autumn Festivals are held throughout Japan to honor the autumn moon and give thanks for the harvest. This month, to help you celebrate and "fall" into the upcoming season Japanese style, we've curated delicious snacks and foods that are based on the essential harvest flavors of Japan!

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Satsumarche Kagoshima Chiran Tea
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