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October '18 Bokksu: Halloween Harvest

October 2018 Halloween Harvest Bokksu

When the weather starts to turn, everyone in Japan excitedly looks for signs of autumn. All eyes turn to the fall foliage forecast for the red and gold changing of the leaves, and there is eager anticipation for the classic flavors of fall. These rich autumn flavors are commonly celebrated and enjoyed through seasonally limited snacks found all over Japan. From apple to pumpkin to persimmon, the list of fresh ingredients is endless, and so are the delicious snacks that take advantage of the harvest. In the past few years, Japan has also begun celebrating Halloween! With each passing year, the parties get bigger, better, and flood the streets with extravagant costumes (especially the outdoor Halloween Party in Shibuya!). We can't possibly let October pass without throwing in some special Halloween treats. We hope you enjoy this "Halloween Harvest" of Japan's best traditional and modern treats!

What's inside this box?

Handmade Persimmon Candy (1 Bag)
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Aomori Apple Caramel Yakkoi Sable Cookie (8 Pieces)
$12.80 $16.00
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