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September '18 Bokksu: Kyushu Kitchen

September2018 Kyushu Kitchen Bokksu

Kyushu is the third largest island of Japan and is located in the southwest of the archipelago. The atmosphere is more laid-back than the fast pace of Tokyo or the traditional architecture of Kyoto. Kyushu is home to some of the best produce, seafood, and tea available in Japan! We've curated this month's box around many of the fantastic ingredients available in Kyushu to bring you a taste of Kyushu home cooking. All snacks feature high quality, local Kyushu ingredients like the Kabosu citrus fruit of Oita, the Amaou strawberry of Fukuoka, and the famous Melon of Kumamoto. We also selected traditional beloved snacks of the region like the Marubouro and Kurobo. Step into Kyushu Kitchen through all of the delicious gourmet ingredients of the island!

What's inside this box?

Kakinotane Yuzu Pepper (5 Packs)
- +
Uni Rice Crackers (6 Packs)
- +