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Chez Shibata

Nagoya Caramel Sandwich Cookie

Product Description

A delicate cream is sandwiched between two beautiful butter cookies. This caramel cookie has a lovely crumbly texture, and the cream has raisins mixed in for a fruity chewy surprise. Though delicious as is, this snack is even better after chilling it in the fridge!

Product Details

  • Product of Gifu Prefecture
  • Common Allergens: Milk, Eggs, Wheat, Alcohol
  • Recommended Chilled

    About The Maker

    Chez Shibata is a world-renowned maker that specializes in combining classic French pastries with Japanese craftsmanship. Delicious snacks from Chez Shibata have been very popular as omiyage (souvenir) to share the flavors of Nagoya with loved ones.

    Customer Reviews