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New Feature: Past Boxes

New Feature: Past Boxes

In line with our mission to be transparent with our users, we are excited to announce that starting from today, we have launched our new feature Past Boxes. Whether you are considering subscribing to Bokksu for the first time or want to peruse the snacks of a skipped month, you can now see the detailed contents of all past Bokksu shipments in one convenient place.

For example, March's theme was Traditional Japan. Thus, that month's box was filled with traditional Japanese snacks such as Yokan, Mochi, and Arare!

March 2016 Beta Bokksu: Traditional Japan

March Beta Bokksu: Traditional Japan

(Please note that as of this post, we have only shipped out beta shipments so the quantity and contents of the two beta boxes will differ slightly from what we curate for the official launch in May and all following Bokksu shipments)

Happy snacking!

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