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May Unboxed: Matcha Love

May Unboxed: Matcha Love

Whew, Bokksu's first shipment of launch boxes has officially finished and all subscribers have successfully received their delicious matcha goodies! Initial feedback from subscribers has shown that all of this month's matcha snacks were a huge hit, and that the especially beloved ones were the Matcha Milk Dorayaki and Matcha Couque D'asses! And now, this month's Tasting Guide:

May 2016 Tasting Guide Front

May 2016 Tasting Guide Back



Though the modern Kit Kat brand originated in 1911 by a UK confectionary company called Rowntree’s, they weren’t distributed in Japan until 1973. In 1988, Nestlé purchased Rowntree’s and acquired global control of Kit Kat.

Matcha & Kinako Kit Kat

Matcha & Kinako Kit Kat

Many Kit Kat aficionados are familiar with the standard Green Tea Kit Kats but may not have heard of this rarer combination of Green Tea and Kinako. Kinako is roasted soybean powder and adds a creamy bittersweet taste similar to peanut butter that helps balance out the Kit Kat’s usual sweetness.

Tokyo Karinto

Founded in 1946 in Tokyo.

Matcha Karinto

Matcha Karinto

Karinto is a traditional Japanese snack food dating back to the early 19th century. Consisting primarily of flour, yeast, and brown sugar, Karinto is deep-fried and sweet. This green tea version adds a slight bitterness that blends well with the usual crunchy sweetness.


Founded in 1899 in Chiba prefecture. Yoneya is famous for their Dorayaki and Yokan.

Matcha Milk Dorayaki

Matcha Milk Dorayaki

Dorayaki is a fluffy red-bean pancake that is made by wrapping two circular castella cakes around an Azuki red bean paste filling. The addition of green tea and milk further brings out the bitterness of the red bean while infusing a creamy sweetness with every bite.

Matcha Yokan

Matcha Yokan

Yokan is a thick, jellied dessert typically made with red bean paste, agar, and sugar. Though yokan was first introduced to Japan by China in the late 12th century, the modern form of yokan has its roots in the Edo period in the 19th century when agar and sugar became more available. Due to its rich taste and grainy texture, yokan is usually sliced into smaller servings and enjoyed with green tea.


Founded in 1921 in Shizuoka prefecture.

Matcha Couque D'asses

Matcha Couque D'asses

These chocolate butter cookies melt on your tongue deliciously with every bite. The addition of green tea further infuses a creamy bittersweet flavor throughout your mouth.

Tea Pairing


Hojicha is a roasted Japanese green tea that has a refreshing and toasty flavor with little to no bitterness, which makes it a perfect balance for this month’s matcha-flavored snacks.

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