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The Best Japanese Curry Styles!

The Best Japanese Curry Styles!

Japanese curry is not a “one size fits all” topping. Each kind of Japanese curry has its own nuances and flavor profiles, so it can be difficult to distinguish which curry is right for you. To ensure you’re seasoning your meal with the best possible curry, let’s break down the differences and uses for each. All of these easy-to-use curry mixes are available at Bokksu Market!

Japanese Curry

Hayamagyu Curry

Hayamagyu is considered to be one of the finest types of beef in Japan. Lucky for consumers, Hayamagyu curry still contains the flavorful, juicy integrity of the beef it came from without any of the fat, so there’s no need to include it on your own slice of steak (unless you enjoy putting a hat on a hat)! Using this curry in an onion-heavy dish, however, is the best way to bring out the zesty umami and the subtle sweetness hidden within the curry, while a mushroom-centric meal will help elevate the textures of your dish.

Yokohama Green Curry

Yokohama Green Curry

Yokohama Green Curry contains many kinds of nutrients, and can satisfy a number of different cravings. With a key ingredient of komatsuna, or Japanese mustard spinach, these savory spinach leaves help to create a curry with a unique texture and a mild flavor that pairs well with any meat or vegetable dish.

Matsusaka Beef Curry

Matsusaka Beef Curry, Miyazaki Beef Curry, and Kobe Beef Curry
We’ve grouped these three products together because they are all beef-based curries that are intended to be served over rice, but don’t be fooled, because they each bring something incredibly special to the dinner table! For starters, the Matsusaka Beef Curry is a melt-in-your-mouth masterpiece that is so flavorful, it’s hard not to confuse it for a well rounded and filling meal all on its own. The Kobe Beef Curry, on the other hand, manages to capture the tenderness of a true Kobe beef steak with its thick, sauce-like curry and small but mighty buttery beef chunks that will leave your family begging for seconds. And if you’re looking for a lighter, more complementary curry flavor, the Miyazaki Beef Curry is exactly the type of seasoning you need in your pantry.

Yokosuka Curry

Yokosuka Navy Curry

Enjoy a taste of the Meiji era with this Imperial Navy-inspired Japanese curry! It’s impossible to deny the tasty goodness that the Kanagawa beef and chutney fixins add to every meal, but don’t listen to us, listen to the sailors!

Shonan Lemon Curry

Shonan Lemon Chicken Curry

Did someone say, “lemon fresh?” The Shonan Lemon Chicken Curry is made with real lemons grown along Sagami Bay in Shonan, so if you’re looking for a surefire way to invoke the taste of vacation with your meals, be sure to stock up on this seasoning big time! This tangy yet savory culinary delight is best served on a warm summer night over rice, and best enjoyed on a peaceful porch while the sun sets majestically in the background (this part is optional, but very much encouraged!).

Our collection of Japanese curry boxes are so much more than a seasoning or a rice topping. Japanese curries tell their own story within a meal, so it is incredibly important to use each curry in such a way that will highlight and compliment the rest of your dish properly.

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