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Japanese Home Goods

Known for its simplicity and balance, this Japanese decor will create a cohesive atmosphere in your living space. Don’t mix up simplicity and being boring though, this homeware is anything but! Revamp your kitchen with color-changing teacups, Studio Ghibli-inspired plates, ceramic rice cookers, gorgeous geometric coasters, and Santoku kitchen knives. For an outdoor area reminiscent of a Japanese garden, add some porcelain wind chimes and zabuton cushions. Regardless of your style, Japanese decor can give you some great inspiration and help create a beautiful home - wherever that may be!

Sakura Incense
- +
Shimokawara Pottery Sumo Dolls
$15.00 $30.00
- +
Zabuton Cushion: Dark Blue Lovebirds
$51.00 $85.00
- +
Zabuton Cushion: Blue Fuji-san
$42.50 $85.00
- +
Four Seasons Picture Candle Set: Otsukimi Fall (7 Candles)
$17.50 $35.00
- +
Edo Kiriko Cut Glass: Sairasen Kinaka Red Cup
- +
Edo Kiriko Cut Glass: Sairasen Ruri Blue Cup
- +
Edo Kiriko Cut Glass: Kougiku Ruri Cup
- +
Edo Kiriko Cut Glass: Kougiku Kinaka Cup
- +
Edo Kiriko Cut Glass: Ichimatsu Black Check Cup
- +
Edo Kiriko Cut Glass: Hishi Uroko Kasanemonyou Black Cup
- +