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Bokksu Rewards

As a BOKKSU Rewards member, you’ll get closer to earning exclusive rewards every time you shop.

Get 100 Points for joining today.

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Ways To Earn Points

    Redeeming Your Points

    Choose from the options below to redeem your points. You can apply a coupon to an upcoming renewal on an active subscription in your Customer Portal under Subscriptions & Gifts.

      Bokksu Reward Tiers

      The more you spend, the more you earn in perks and benefits!


      What is this?

      This is our way of showing our appreciation. You’ll earn points for activities on our site, like referrals and purchases. You can use them to earn discounts off subscriptions and purchases, so the more you collect the more you save.

      Who can join?

      Anyone with an account is automatically enrolled.

      How do I earn points?

      You can earn points for all sorts of activities, including referring friends, and making purchases. To see all the ways you can earn points just scroll up!

      How do I view my point balance?

      Your points balance will show at the top of this page, and on your Bokksu Account page.

      How do I redeem my points?

      When you have enough points to redeem a Bokksu reward, simply select the reward you wish to redeem and click "Redeem." You can see available rewards by scrolling up on this page, or in your Bokksu Account page.

      Is there a limit to the number of points I can earn?

      No. Go ahead and earn as many as you can!

      How do Tiers work?

      When you spend a certain amount every year, you go up a tier level! With each new tiers, there are better benefits!

      What do the 'approved', 'pending' and 'cancelled' statuses mean?

      Approved: These points can be redeemed on rewards immediately Pending: These points are need to be verified before you can redeem them. This typically applies to purchases and referrals Cancelled: These points will not be added to your account. For example, this will happen if you cancel a purchase (the points will change from pending to cancelled)

      What happens if a friend I refer cancels their order?

      If a friend you referred cancels their purchase, their purchase will no longer count toward your successful referrals.

      Why did my account balance go down?

      You, or someone you referred, cancelled a purchase.

      I completed an activity but didn't earn points!

      It can sometimes take a few minutes for us to process your activity and provide your points.

      I left a review on-site but didn't earn points!

      We track reviews and credit points via our automatic review request emails (subject line: "Review Your Bokksu Experience and Earn Bokksu Points!"). This email is sent between 27-40 days after your order has shipped, and requests are only sent if it is your first time purchasing that item. Reviews left on site, though greatly appreciated, cannot be credited with points.

      Can I use my points during checkout?

      Points can be redeemed at checkout for Bokksu Market orders only. You will need a minimum of 500 points to redeem a discount during checkout.

      For Subscriptions and Gifts, you will need to redeem your points for a coupon before going to checkout.

      Can I use a reward on my subscription?

      Yes! You can use a reward to discount the purchase of a new subscription, or to discount an upcoming renewal for an existing active subscription. 

      You can add a reward coupon to your active subscription by going to your customer portal --> "Subscription & Gifts" --> "Edit Plan Details" where you'll find a field for Bokksu Rewards. Enter the code there to apply it to your next subscription renewal. 

      Do my points expire?

      Yes, points expire after 6 months of inactivity. This means if you take no actions to either earn or spend points for 6 months, they will expire. If they expire, your point balance will return to 0, however your tier will remain unchanged.

      How do I leave the program?

      If you no longer wish to earn points, please contact us and ask to be unenrolled. We'll unenroll you and you will lose any points you have accrued.

      What happens if I leave and decide to join again?

      Just contact us and we'll re-enroll you. However, your point total will begin from zero.Please email