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Shindo Shigeharu Shoten

Candied Iyokan Peel

Product Description

This snack is, quite simply, candied iyokan peel. Iyokan is a citrus fruit grown primarily in Ehime Prefecture. Ehime is located in the citrus-rich Seto Inland Sea region of Japan, and was once called iyo-no-kuni, meaning “country of Iyo”. The old name for the region gave its name to the locally grown citrus fruit which became known as iyokan, literally “iyo citrus”. To preserve the natural flavor in all its glory, iyokan peels are candied by being boiled in sugar syrup before being laid out to dry. The sugar counteracts bitter flavor molecules that are present in the peel and pith of citrus fruits while the tangy tartness of iyokan shines through.

Product Details

  • Product of Ehime
  • Common Allergens: None
  • Also Contains: N/A
  • Vegetarian

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