Nakajima Taishodo

Low Carb Style: Orange Tea Pound Cake

This cake may be low-carb, but it still has a wonderfully soft texture. It’s flavored with a mix of orange zest and black tea. While the tea adds earthiness, orange uplifts and adds gentle freshness.


  • Product of Osaka
  • Common Allergens: Milk, Eggs, Tree Nuts, Wheat, Soy
  • Also Contains: Alcohol
  • Vegetarian
  • 1 Box (6 Pieces)

DISCLAIMER: Note that the common allergens and dietary restrictions listed here are directly translated from the packaging as reference; we cannot guarantee the presence or lack of certain allergens/animal products in the items so please consume them at your own risk with careful attention to any personal health concerns.

Meet the Maker

Get to know Nakajima Taishodo, an Osaka-based confectionary. This Japanese snack maker has been baking sweets since 1912, combining the best of western pastry and Japanese flavor.

Meet Japanese Snack Maker Nakajima Taishodo

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