Yamasu Sugimoto Shoten

Nekoucha Black Tea

Product Description

This black tea is both adorable and delicious. Apart from the clever pun in the Japanese name (cat ねこ+black tea 紅茶=ね紅茶), this tea brings all sorts of joy. This delicate black tea has floral notes that linger on the palette. Perfect for pairing with food, even strong flavors won't clash with this tea's pure flavor. When you're done steeping, save the cute tag at the end of your teabag and make a garland like the one shown on the back of the package! 

Product Details

  • Product of Shizuoka Prefecture
  • Vegetarian
  • Common Allergens: None

Brewing Instructions

Using hot water (80-90C/180-190F) steep the tea bag for at least 30 seconds or to taste. The maker recommends not using boiling water, as the high temperature can result in a bitter flavor.

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