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February 2019: Kimberly & Kaitlyn Gogue from Guam

February 2019: Kimberly & Kaitlyn Gogue from Guam

Kimberly and Kaitlyn from Guam

Members since February 2017


It's Member Spotlight time! This month's Member Spotlights are Kimberly Gogue and her daughter Kaitlyn. Kimberly and Kaitlyn have been subscribing to Bokksu since 2017, exploring new flavors every month. Living in Guam where the seasons don't change, they enjoy the different seasonal snacks Japan has to offer. Read what they have to say about their Bokksu experience:

1. How do you feel about being selected as our Bokksu Member Spotlight?

We feel honored to be selected as the Bokksu member spotlight. It's pretty awesome to be selected!

2. What do you find most exciting about Japanese snacks?

The most exciting thing about Japanese snacks has to be the different flavors. We love to try different things.

3. What made you fall in love with Japanese snacks?

We've always had an interest in Japan and snacks was the easiest way to get to know more about Japan.

4. What was your favorite snack and/or favorite theme in our past boxes?

Any and all of the Kit Kats. We loved the Kit Kat box.

5. On average, how long does your Bokksu last before you finish the whole box?

Our box lasts about 2 to 3 weeks, depending on how busy we are.

6. What Japanese snack would you like to see in a future Bokksu?

We've really wanted to try wagashi or anything seasonal.

7. What is a future theme you would like to see Bokksu do?

Any theme would be really cool, but maybe some regional theme.

8. How would you describe the feeling you get when you’re about to open your Bokksu?

When we get the box in the mail, we open it as soon as we get into the car. The feeling is like no other. We get really excited to see what's inside, and sometimes we eat some snacks in the car.

9. What do you look forward to most about Spring

Where we live, we don't really have a change of the seasons, but we definitely look forward to the different seasonal snacks that come with Spring.

10. What is one Japanese food you just can’t get enough of (doesn’t have to be a Bokksu snack)?

Honestly, we can't get enough of kit kats. We bought a lot when we visited Japan, but we want more.

Thanks for being this month's member spotlight! It was so great to hear your thoughts :)

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