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October '16 Bokksu: Autumn Appetite 食欲の秋

October 2016 Autumn Appetite Bokksu

Celebrating seasonality is a core aspect of Japanese culture. And no season in Japan is more highly anticipated than autumn! This excitement for autumn is perfectly encapsulated by the adage, “shokuyoku no aki” (食欲の秋), which means “autumn is the season for eating”. This adage stems from the old belief that one’s appetite increases in autumn because of the abundance of many foods at the peak of their freshness. This month, to help you celebrate this hearty season in Japan, we’ve curated snacks and foods that Japanese people traditionally eat during autumn.

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20th Century Pear Langue De Chat Cookie (12 Pieces)
- +
Koganeimo Golden Sweet Potato Cake
- +
Apple Green Tea アップルグリーンティー
- +
Persimmon Monaka 柿もなか
- +
Honey Glazed Apple Pie 蜜づけりんごパイ
- +