Forest Slope Toy Set

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Forest Slope Toy Set
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Defy gravity with this adorable forest slope toy set. The donguri (acorns) and kinoko (mushrooms) stay put due to delicate machine work, but if they tumble down, the high-quality beech wood creates a pleasant noise. This minimalist toy is perfect for stimulating the minds of toddlers and babies.


  • Slope Size: Height: 265mm (10.43") Width: 70mm (2.75") Depth: 50mm (1.96")
  • Doll Size: Height: 58mmm (2.28") Width: 50mm (1.96") Depth: 50mm (1.96")
  • Materials: Beechwood, walnut, Beads, Marbles, Rubber
  • 3 Donguri kinoko, 1 Slope
  • Made in Japan
  • Ages: 3+

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