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November Theme: Japanese Folklore 昔話

November Theme: Japanese Folklore 昔話

I remember how surprised and fascinated I was when I first learned of the myriad of kami (gods or spirits) that exist in Japanese folklore. The belief that every living being big or small possesses spirit and is deserving of respect resonated strongly with me. Thus, I am extra excited to announce this month's theme:

Kitsune Shrine

Japanese Folklore

Japanese folklore is heavily influenced by the two primary religions of Japan, Shintoism and Buddhism. For example, folktales in Japan often center around animals due to the Shinto belief that kami (spirits) inhabit all creatures and objects. The animal spirits in these folktales are portrayed as either kind and helpful or mischievous and crafty. Two popular animals that frequently fall into this dichotomy and end up in humorous situations are the shapeshifting Tanuki (raccoon dog) and the wily Kitsune (fox). To give you a deeper understanding of Japanese folklore and culture, we’ve curated a delicious assortment of snacks related to folktales and animals in Japan.

Kitsune Garden
Don't let this crafty Kitsune sneak up on you!

Tanuki Family
It's a whole family of Tanuki!

We'll be announcing the sneak peek in a very special way by early next week so stay tuned for news about what snacks we've curated for this epic box!

Happy snacking!

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